20/03/19: Man’s tongue pierced by ‘needle’ after biting into McDonald’s burger

Man's tongue pierced by 'needle' after biting into McDonald's burger

To his horror, the customer surnamed Shi, found a long ‘needle’ embedded in his tongue as blood flowed from the wound, Apple Daily Taiwan reported.

Expressing incredulity at the situation, he wrote: “Oh my, it’s possible to get injured just from eating McDonald’s.”

According to reports, the sharp object measured more than a centimetre long.

After taking photos as evidence, Shi returned to the shop to demand an explanation. An employee then accompanied him to the hospital to see a doctor.

In a statement from McDonald’s, the sharp metal object is believed to have been dislodged from cleaning equipment that was not authorised for use.

Although it has promised to improve the management and training of staff, it may be too late to repair the damage inflicted on customers’ confidence.

Wrote one Facebook commenter: “That’s so scary, luckily he didn’t swallow the needle!”.

“Thankfully it wasn’t a child who ate the burger,” another added.

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