19/01/19: AVA recalls peanut puff snack after metal fragment found in product

peanut puff recall ava by Choon Seng Suen on 500px.com

A batch of peanut puff snack has been recalled after a small metal fragment was found inside a piece of the pastry, said the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) on Saturday (Jan 19).

The affected batch of the Da Ji Da Li brand of peanut puffs originated from Malaysia. The product weighs 300g and has a best before the date of Sep 30, 2019.

“AVA established that the fragmented metal piece came from a machine used for making the peanut puffs at the factory,” said the agency.

“AVA has directed the importer to recall the implicated product and the product has been removed from shelves.”

The peanut puffs, also known as Kok Chye, is a traditional Chinese New Year snack.

Those who have bought the implicated product are advised not to consume it, said AVA. Consumers may contact the importer Mac Taste Bakery & Confectionery at 6284 9119 for exchanges or enquiries.

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