11/08/18: Indian temples to have food safety registration

sabarimala_templeFood items (‘prasadams’ or offerings) sold at temples to devotees should conform to the safety and hygienic standards of food safety, the Indian Commissioner of Food Safety has said.

From September 1, temples should follow all regulations under the Food Safety and Standards Act of India 2006 as well as the Food Safety (Licensing and Registration) Rules.

All temples will thus have to secure a licence or registration under the said rules in order to sell ‘prasadam’ through temple counters, the Commissioner said in an official release here.

The authorities concerned should ensure that the storerooms and areas on the premises of temples where the food is cooked should maintain the hygiene standards under the Food Safety and Standards Act.

It should also be ensured that the water used for cooking food and served as drinking water is safe. The water should be tested periodically and the certificate on water safety kept for perusal, the Commissioner said.

The safety and hygiene standards should be strictly maintained when it comes to mass feeding and any other food and drinks distributed inside the temple so that there is no possibility of food poisoning episodes.

He said the food safety regulations followed by the two of the biggest temples in the State, Sabarimala temple and Attukal Devi temple and the food safety regulations, licence and registration processes followed in connection with the temple festivals at these temples can be a model for all other temples in the State.

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