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10/01/18: Food businesses closed over cockroaches and human excrement


The Food Safety Authority of Ireland said Ruposhi Indian Restaurant in Drumcondra, Dublin, was ordered to close on December 20th due to evidence of a cockroach infestation and a lack of food hygiene

Cockroaches and dirty conditions were among the reasons for the seven closure orders served on food businesses in December, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Environmental health officers served notice on a number of restaurants, including Ruposhi Indian Restaurant, 1 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin; Tigh Giblin, Spiddal, Galway, and the Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant, 1 Church Street, Douglas, Cork.

Also ordered to close over food safety breaches were Cartons Daybreak (grocery), Clonhenritt, Camolin, Wexford, and Boojum Food Stall, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Dublin 15.

Athboy Pizzas (take away), Main Street, Athboy, Meath, and China Town (take away), Main Street, Castlebellingham, Co Louth, were also subject to closure orders during the month.

The enforcement notices published on the FSAI’s website show that Ruposhi was ordered to close on December 20th due to evidence of a cockroach infestation and a lack of food hygiene.

‘Very dirty conditions’

An order issued against Eamon Giblin of Tigh Giblin on December 15th by Health Service Executive inspectors said the premises was “in a very dirty condition throughout”. Cobwebs and dead spiders were evident in the dry goods store.

The order issued against the Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant found that management and food handlers demonstrated “very poor knowledge of basic good food hygiene practices”.

At the Athboy Pizza restaurant, environmental health officers found a blockage in the sewage pipe from the staff toilet, the wastewater outlet serving the kitchen sinks.

The inspectors said the toilet bowl was “full of human excrement”.

“When taps were turned throughout the food business, the human excrement was observed bubbling up through the toilet bowl. The staff toilet opens directly into a food preparation room.”

Health inspectors who examined the Boojum food stall in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on December 1st found there was no hot or cold running water and that raw meat and ready-to-eat foods were prepared and served on the premises.

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