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22/11/17: Durians in Singapore are safe to eat

durian---3585628 Durian in Singapore do not have excessive levels of pesticide and are safe to eat, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) said, dispelling rumours that have been circulating on social media.

“Some durian lovers have come across rumours about high levels of ‘insecticide’ in Malaysia’s Musang King durians, and asked if it is safe to consume durians imported from Malaysia,” AVA said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Nov 21).

As part of its food safety programme, AVA regularly inspects and conducts sampling of imported fruits, including durians, to ensure that they comply with food safety standard and requirements.

“Imported fruits that fail our inspection and food safety tests will not be allowed for sale,” it said.

Samples are tested for the presence of pesticide residues, microbial contamination and “other possible non-permitted chemicals”.

Rumours that 20 containers of durians were rejected by China due to high insecticide levels and returned to Malaysia were spread online last week. The viral messages said that this was why the price of the fruit had fallen this season.

The New Straits Times called the messages “fake news” in an article on Saturday. Durian farmers told NST that the price of Musang King durians had dropped as there had been an “abundance of supply”.

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