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26/08/17: Food safety violations at Carl’s Jr. caught on camera

The owner of a Carl’s Jr. in Alberta, Canada is in hot water after being caught on camera violating food safety guidelines.

A former employee captured what a public health officer called “disgusting behavior” on video, according to CBC News.

Jack Webb, the owner, is seen in the video dropping a hot chicken tender from the fryer on the floor. He then picks it up and puts it back into the warming tray.

There were several other videos of Webb’s unsafe food handling.

Another clip shows him using his bare hands to mix a container of barbecue sauce.

But perhaps the most dangerous health violation happened when Webb was making chicken tenders. He can be seen dipping raw poultry into seasoned flour, and then transferring the goopy mess of raw chicken liquid and flour onto the fryer handle.

The public health official who investigated called Webb’s behavior disgusting and ordered him to complete food safety training.

CBS tried to interview Webb, who told the reporter “we’ll respond.”

Corporate headquarters of Carl’s Jr. Canada responded saying the food-handling is unacceptable and in no way, represents Carl’s Jr.’s commitment to safe food handling.

The restaurant chain ordered an independent safety audit of the Red Deer location and noted they made Webb take a food safety training, which he passed.

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