19/04/17: Singapore boy found maggots in sausage bun

hotdogbun_190417_fbAccording to a Facebook post by the mother, Madam Ivy Yeo, the bun had been purchased from an outlet of the Four Leaves bakery chain in Hougang Mall.

The mother of an eight-year-old boy claims he got a rude shock on Monday when he bit into a mini chicken sausage bun and found it swarming with maggots.

Madam Yeo said in her post that her son visited a general practitioner after the incident and was referred to a hospital. She added that he was resting at home.

She posted pictures and videos of the maggot-infested bun, which have gone viral, with more than 10,600 shares and 503,000 views as of 10pm last night.

In her post, Madam Yeo told the bakery: “I am never going to forgive you!”When contacted by The New Paper, she declined to comment further.

When TNP visited the Four Leaves outlet in Hougang Mall yesterday, there were no products containing chicken sausage for sale.

Four Leaves director Koji Tanabe told TNP that after receiving the complaint, the chain had stopped selling all products containing sausages in all their outlets.

He said they were working with their suppliers and the National Environment Agency (NEA) to conduct a thorough investigation.

“Any unsold buns will be thrown away or donated on the same baking day,” Mr Tanabe said.

“We have been using the same brand of sausage for many years and this is the first time we have encountered this problem. We sincerely apologise for this incident.”

A spokesman for NEA told TNP: “Our investigations have shown that there were no hygiene lapses found in the handling and preparation of the sausage buns and the premises were well maintained with no evidence of pests.”

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