28/02/15: Want to stay at resort hotel at own risk ?


An employee of a disinfection company sprays sanitizer around Taichung’s Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling on Feb. 24

Hundreds of Taiwanese visitors to Taichung’s Hoya Resort Hotel in Wuling have signed an affidavit that they are staying at the resort at their own risk in the midst of an outbreak of norovirus GII.17, a genotype common in certain African nations, reports our Chinese-language sister paper China Times.

Over 300 visitors to Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling are still coming for the long 228 holiday weekend.

The outbreak over the Lunar New Year holiday of the norovirus, which causes the rapid onset of vomiting and diarrhea, has affected the health of over 200 visitors and employees at the resort. The virus is transmitted through the fecal-oral route, primarily through contaminated food or water.

After the outbreak began, Hoya Resort Hotel Wuling closed for two days. Visitors wishing to continue their stay were given the option of signing the affidavit absolving the hotel from all responsibility should they contract the virus. In addition, the resort will not provide them with food.

The resort is reportedly fully booked for the coming Feb. 28 weekend. The cherry blossoms in the area which bloom briefly as spring nears are a major visitor attraction.

The outbreak at the resort is reportedly under control and no new hospitalizations have been reported since Feb. 24. Taichung’s authorities will intervene to provide help to visitors who have contracted the virus in terms of compensation.

A member of the resort said that visitors who contracted the virus between Feb. 1-22 could receive a full refund of their accommodation expenses, given that they provide medical proof. People who booked rooms on Feb. 23 or 24 are also eligible for a full refund.

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